Journeys to the West

“Doors are closing…. Beep beep beep beep…”

The familiar announcer’s voice sound throughout the cabin of the MRT, the usual journey back home from church (which is at Paya Lebar) to the West with everyone begins. Over the last 7 years taking the same journey home, I’ve come to learn more and more about this special word:


A Journey is a pretty exciting word to think about, it talks about distances, companions, and progress. A Journey is likened to our walk with God! We all started our Journeys at different times, we all made the decision to walk with God at different times of our lives but yet our journeys converged at some point down the walk, and we gained companions that would last us a lifetime. Companions keep each other moving, and pulling each other back when one of us stumbles off, we exhort and spur one another to keep moving, to keep loving God.

The pockets of time when we would talk about life together, how we would talk about everything that happened under the sun that has happened during the week, the times when we would talk about what we wanted to do in the coming weeks, celebrating together, going tough seasons together, most importantly, when we would always share about our dreams in God together.

Poser united @ Chen Shan's Graduation
Poser united @ Chen Shan’s Graduation

I learnt that it is more than just finding SUCCESS in our Journey, but it is to find SIGNIFICANCE through our Journey.

I remember all the times we would sit in the empty MRT train (usually because we always take the last few trains home) and the whole cabin will be filled with the voices proclaiming what we want to do for God, what dreams we have and how we want to achieve it. We talked how we can love our friends and families better, how we can love like how God loved us, how we can give in all aspects like how God has given us.

These are the times that I will hold on to for the rest of my lives dearly. These are the times that made a difference and impact in my life.

The Journeys to the West is our blog that talks about more than the destination. Our Journey is more about ending up in Heaven, it is about the memories and moments of us on the journey to reach our destination. Up till today, I am still so thankful for the companions that will be with me for eternity.

Life is more than just a rat race, it’s about living a purposeful life with a relationship with our God, and a relationship with God’s family, it’s about our Journey.

We party hard with 4 dollars sugarcane each wahhaha.
We party hard with 4 dollars sugarcane each wahhaha.
We have joy, we have fun, we have supper at swee choon. Happy Birthday Shanz
We had joy, we had fun, we had supper at swee choon. Happy Birthday Shanz